When we celebrate workers' day lets celebrate farmers too.

Workers Day has been observed in all other sectors for several years, but not in the agriculture industry.

Farmers have taken a beating left, right, and center. It's actually painful to think that workers are celebrating this day while farmers are suffering and going unnoticed. Working in the agriculture industry in Zimbabwe is difficult, but many Zimbabweans have dedicated themselves to farming in order to save the nation.

Workers' Day is a day to celebrate and be thankful for all of the hard work that farmers put in to ensure that fresh food is available. The staples of your grocery bag – vegetables, meat, and herbs – all began on a farm.

It can be difficult to remember how fortunate we are to have access to fresh produce, and when we see it all packaged up in supermarkets, we can become disconnected from the roots – literally – of our food. On Workers Day, we should remember to thank the farmers who make it all possible.

Farmers are frequently on the farm from sunrise to sunset, so it's no surprise that they have a day set aside for them!

Farming and agriculture have played an important role in keeping humanity alive ever since we developed the ability to cultivate food. In fact, the act of farming can be traced back to the Neolithic era.

As far as we know, the Sumerians, who had a farming labor force, were the first society to actively engage in larger-scale farming. They also built irrigation systems to grow their crops and followed a strict harvesting schedule throughout the year.

Farmers are those who work in the fields picking crops and caring for animals. With advances in technology, particularly in farming, farm workers' jobs have become increasingly specialized over the last century or so.

When we talk about farmers, we can mean a variety of things. It could refer to someone hired by a farm to help with any activity on the farm, but it could also refer to someone hired solely to help with production, such as harvesting and the person who owns the farm.

Working outside for long periods of time in a variety of climates, as well as the bending and crouching required for harvesting – not to mention the dangers of using farm machinery and being around some large and easily riled animals – can be extremely taxing on farmers.  Workers Day is a day dedicated to thanking farmworkers and farmers for their efforts.

How to celebrate Farmers' Workers Day

Supporting farmers and farm workers is a great way to commemorate this day; you could choose to fundraise or donate to one of the few farming charities.

You could also go to a farm today; many have a farm shop and, in some cases, a cafe where you can get a coffee and buy some fresh produce straight from the farm.

If nothing else, make sure that when you go to the supermarket today to pick up some vegetables, you are mindful of the effort that has gone into making your groceries.




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