It's not about how much you have it's about how far you are willing to go.

This is the story of a local young boy named Tadiwa, who is ambitious and very intrigued with farming. The lifestyle that he has chosen is also a perfect example of the modern methods that enable a man to live his life according to all current standards.

From talking to Tadiwanashe I realized that one needs to have something in mind when one decides to start farming. It's not easy that one can just go out there and start farming. Farming requires dedication and determination on your part. Just like anything in life, it takes practice and hundreds of hours or more to get good at.

Let me tell you a story about Tadiwanashe Machube. He grew up in a family of two. It was only him and his sister, during his high school days. 

Tadiwa was interested in farming since the day he started to make sense of things in the world. Tadiwa then got an idea of what he really wanted to do when he was O level doing a piggery project.

Tadiwa said; "It all started when I did a piggery project at my high school. I was always someone who loved pig husbandry. Although a piggery project comes few months before he was about to finish school I learned something about piggery that pushed him to start his own project.

Pigs came few months before they had to write exams so he did not have time to actually know much about pigs and that gave him the energy to research and gather more information about piggery production. He loved the idea that one pig can give birth to as many as 10 piglets, he wished that one day he will own his own pigs and he started investing in his idea.

When Tadiwa finished O level in 2018 he started to invest in the idea of piggery, he decided if he happens he pass O level he was not going to go for A level but rather for a higher certificate in marketing management all went according to his plan and currently he is doing my degree in supply chain management.

Tadiwa believes that formal  Education will give him a living but self-education will make him a fortune. So he decided the best he can educate himself by learning as he put his idea into action.

Tadiwa said; "I thought of many things for instance selling clothes but l then I saw that's not educating myself but that's just simple hustle. So l then ventured into farming. I went to my rural ndikataura nasabhuku nachief ndikapiwa 3 hectares dzangu. I started so small. Ndakapiwa that 3 hectares so my intended business pa that 3 hectares were pig husbandry."(Tadiwa went to his rural and asked for land from his head man and he was given 3 hectares and he started his piggery project as small as he could afford then)

He then built a 4 roomed cottage at the space he was given and a small hut he was using as his kitchen. To raise money to keep his pigs he started keeping small batches of broilers feeding him, his mother, and his sister. Tadiwanashe C Machube is just 18 years old and doing all the amazing things for him and his mother.

It takes dedication for one to achieve all these, Tadiwa was able to succeed because he had a goal and he knows where he wants to get and how he wanna achieve it. 

Many young people can't have success if they have to start from the very beginning. For these youth, an important thing is - to study hard and dedicate yourself. Young people become very confident in their own capabilities if they work hard enough. If one doesn't put everything he/she has into the work he/she does, it will not show up in results, but instead in failure.


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