How to check for moisture content in common beans grains

In most cases, grain moisture content can be checked using an electronic handheld moisture meter. However, such devices are not readily available to smallholder farmers in rural setups. An alternative is to use the salt and glass jar approach.


Salt, Jar, Seeds 


1. Clean the jar and dry it 
2. Fill the jar to ¼ full with salt 
3. Add seeds until the jar is ½ full 
4. Shake the jar & allow seeds to settle for 10 minutes 15 


- If you observe some salt sticking onto the walls of the glass jar, then grains moisture content is above the recommended 13-15% range. 

- However, if you observe that the walls of the glass jar are clear, then the moisture content is within the recommended range and is dry enough for storage. 

Maize, Small Grains Seed
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