Benefits Of Going Solar To A Farmer

The Advantages of Solar Energy in Agriculture

Solar Power Will Reduce Your Farm's Operating Costs

Whether it’s running exhaust fans for livestock or processing equipment for harvested crops, there are likely several months out of the year where electricity is one of the farm’s top expenses. While solar power won’t eliminate your need for electricity, it will give you access to it for, well, free.

By installing a solar system, you can draw on the free electricity it produces each month to offset all or a portion of your monthly power usage. 

After just a few years, depending on your system’s cost and energy usage, your system could have paid for itself, leaving possibly decades of its 25 to 30-plus-year lifespan left to produce free electricity. That frees up the money you would have spent on electricity to save or invest back into your farm.

Solar Will Future-Proof Your Farm for the Next Generation

While electricity prices vary from year to year, it’s fairly safe to say that they’ll continue to increase in the long run. What may be a manageable expense for your farm now may not be so for the farm 15 or 20 years from now. 

If your farm is a family legacy that’s handed down from generation to generation, a solar system you install during your tenure will continue to benefit future generations. Or, if you’re looking to sell your farm and retire, a solar system can increase the value of your property, giving you a bigger cashout.

Solar is a Low-Maintenance and Low-Risk Investment

There’s no shortage of farm equipment you could choose to invest in. However, many of these large machines like tractors or processing equipment require two things: labor to operate them, and labor to maintain them. 

Solar, on the other hand, works with no input from you and is relatively maintenance-free. While you can have your solar panels cleaned, regular rainstorms do a sufficient enough job in most places. 

And as long as you install quality equipment your system should be protected by warranties in the event something does go wrong. Additionally, some solar installers offer protection on top of manufacturer warranties, like Natfort Energy

Protect your business from power shortages


Generate and store your own energy, reduce reliance on electricity and protect your business from potential rationing and load shedding.

Diversify land-use

Solar panels are designed with dual land use in mind and can be grazed by cattle or sheep.

Achieve a healthy ROI

A typical commercial solar panel system will provide free electricity for more than 25 years, achieve returns of more than 12% per annum, and pay back installation costs within 6-8 years.

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